Friday, 19 January 2018

‘Anonymous’ and ‘Ripper’ on the Manifest Inferiority of Anglosphere Culture

Foreign Women V Angloblimps

Two posters have weighed in with excellent comments on my previous post. While both ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Ripper’ extol the superiority of French culture and society over their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, Anonymous draws on his personal experience of living as a North American expat in France to lay some hard-won wisdom on us:

I'm one of the "exiles" from the failing and falling down Anglosphere, moved from the US to southwestern France over a decade ago and it's been a blessing in every dimension: career, love life, family, life quality, health, education, food. Everything. I was part of a big movement of Americans and Canadians who made our exit right around the start of the great Recession. The Silicon Valley press never had a precise name for us, but most of us made our fortunes in the software industry, saw writing on the wall and cashed in our stock options before the big crash of the S&P and Nasdaq in 2008.

But after dodging one bullet, we were left pondering why we should risk everything again in the even more dangerous and unpredictable world of US divorce courts. Many of us had seen multimillionaire colleagues reduced to poverty and misery in US family courts after their wives sued for divorce. And slowly but surely we realized the problem was more than a few isolated cases or soothing marriage counselor platitudes. It was in the broader American, and more generally Anglophone culture itself. And in the brainlessness of the courts that give carte blanche to the most parasitic women to leech off their spouses who contribute to society. Around the same time we realized our skills were in demand internationally, and with Web design and software engineering jobs becoming portable thanks to remote platforms, it made sense for us to pack up and move. Most of us still wanted to start families and raise kids, but we realize we'd be putting our fortunes and hard work at risk by doing this in the US. Like you said, prenups don't give you any real protection in Ameican family courts. Only being out of the jurisdiction of these kangaroo courts entirely can do that.

Our friends and colleagues who lost everything were typical of the hypocrisy that's infected all US family law. The men were "working too hard", you see, not enough time for the wife and kids even though the men's hard-earned paychecks were supporting these selfish bitches' ability to shop themselves silly and whine and moan in the first place! American and Anglo grown women with kids are still basically whiny little girls this way, they're never satisfied with their lot no matter how much their husbands slave away for them, even if they work 80 hour weeks in some struggling software company to give them a life of luxury. This is where the Anglosphere goes full stupid. Almost any other country would realize the wives complaints have no basis, that they're acting like spoiled brats and tell them to shove it. But US family courts thanks to feminism, the politically correct "mainstream media" and the collusion of moron white knight cucks, instead indulges this female infantilism from coddled, spoiled brat wives with no appreciation for things like hard work, sacrifice and patience.

Thus the ongoing merry go round of inanity with "community property" awarded to wife too lazy to get off her own ass to work, on top of alimony, full custody and extortionate child support. If that wasn't retarded enough, now the #metoo bandwagon means the same spoiled brat women can pull the same kind of extortionate shit even with men who aren't their spouses in the US and rest of the Anglosphere. Just make a random accusation about made-up shit over a trivial "clumsy courtship" from 20 years ago and voila, a ruined man and a big payout for the attention-seeking whore. All fully encouraged by the Anglosphere and it's white knight cuck army. (Quebec is better but Anglo Canada is even worse, it's now so bad there that a defendant in sexual assault and misconduct cases can't even submit exonerating text messages to show their innocence!)

I get why some men go MGTOW, if they're stuck in the Anglosphere that may be their only alternative. But far better is to do what their ancestors did but in reverse, leave the North American cultural swamp and migrate out of the country, head back to Europe outside the British Isles. In my case I married a sweet French girl and have 2 lovely daughters and a son. Even if things go sour I know I'll keep the heart of what I've earned, child support would be capped, I'd still support my kids but in a way that's reasonable and above all, is for the kids only, not an end-run to indulge the ex-wife's profligacy. The same goes for my fellow colleagues in France and around the continent, even the ones who brought their American or Canadian wives-and-girlfriends with them. It really is true, if you absolutely insist on marrying an Anglo girl, don't to it in an Anglo land!

And best of all the chances of divorcing are a whole lot less since there aren't any lawyer leeches or judge vultures to profit from the divorce shitstorm like in the US. That's what the Napoleonic code and European law in general get you. And our family is stronger because of it. The French, Germans and most other Europeans are even cool with the open relationship and polyamory thing if that's your gig, and the families still do just fine. It's not our thing personally, but people are really about living and let live here. Another reason that the freedom from all the Anglo puritan horseshit is so refreshing.

One last point, don't listen to the morons who babble on about how "France is going majority Muslim!" These idiots are either deluded or full of shit, this kind of propaganda comes from the Gatestone Institute and other neocon rags trying to push the US into more wars in the Middle East, and they're terrified they'll lose their tax base for war if more Americans wise up and say adios to the Anglosphere and its bullshit. The France of 2018 doesn't give a shit about its former colonial empire, the immigrants now come from the old eastern bloc and ironically from North America while the Muslims are being shown the door. Macron's turned out to be a sly political fox, he pretended to be centrist but on culture and demographics he's more hard core conservative than Le Pen could have ever dreamed of being herself, and he's using clever measures to throw out the Muslims. For him it's more a matter of business and attracting tourists and workers to France, but whatever the reason, it works. Oh, and the taxes? I pay much less taxes in France than California or New York, both of which I used to work in. The numbskulls among the reflexive conservatives love to cite the claimed high taxes to Euro-bash. But when you put all the different American taxes on the ledger, including Medi/Soc Security, Americans pay more but get a lot less. There is no sensible reason not to come here, especially if you want to start a family, which we indeed still can and should.

Meanwhile, Ripper focuses his incisive ire on the excesses of the #metoo campaign currently engulfing the Anglosphere. He also contrasts the mature and truly liberated response of classy French actresses with their whining Anglo-American #metoo counterparts; and yearns to drive our anti-Anglo message across the manosphere:

Have to admit I'm taking a measure of perverse pleasure in the ludicrous extremes that the #metoo shitstorm is going with this Aziz Ansari mess. It's damn obvious that he had a bad date that didn't meet the girl's expectations, the kind of thing that happens to anyone and everyone at some point, from Joe Schmoe mechanic up to brad Pitt. And now because of this extreme stupidity and the blood stained minefield that Anglosphere dating has become, this blown out of proportion incident and the ones to come are going to single handedly bring down the Anglosphere. Destroy the Anglosphere, in fact, as in make it non-viable as a working society.

For women, now no man can possibly go and be "woke" enough to read her mind and all her nonverbal signals, so now every single man on a date is a rapist in the making. Every. single. one.

And of course now men are catching on to this utter no win situation in American dating and Anglosphere dating in general, and opting out. Completely. It is way to farking dangerous to even consider the madness of dating from now on. Ever.

So we've reached the point now where girls and women in the Anglosphere are condemned to a future of becoming celibate cat ladies. While men in the Anglosphere will indeed have no option but to go MGTOW, unless of course they move out of it like you guys are recommending. Notable that now, even dating or casual association at the workplace or socially is becoming far too dangerous for men in the Anglosphere. Ironically this will at least spare men the hazard of getting married in the Anglosphere with the, more probable than not, divorce and bankrupting alimony and child support to follow.

So the Anglosphere is officially dead. Or at least on its deathbed. The Anglosphere is collapsing before our eyes. Stick a fork in it. Good riddance.

Any civilization so utterly dumb and self-destructive that it makes it impossible for men and women to have basic sexual relations and childbearing without a gazillion layers of bottled up social acrimony, mixed signals, mindreading and flaring resentments is too damn stupid, lame and pathetic to survive. You made some nice contributions to civilization at one point, Anglosphere, but now you've completely forfeited any right to survive with this absolute bullshit. You guys are right btw, the one solution for Anglosphere men at this point is taking off for distant shores and different cultures. Give me France any day with the majesty and nuance of a superhot bikini model like Laetitia Casta speaking out against the stupidity of this "movement", joined by her graceful, elegant sisters like Catherine Deneuve and the thousands of other French women who've called bullshit. Let's not jut talk about this here to our own choir, let's get onto other forums, Reddit and the chans, write letters to the editor or even newspaper and magazine articles- if you want to have a halfway normal love and working life these days, and real relationships as humans have had for millennia, you need to get out of the Anglosphere. There is no other way. This goes both for men and for the remaining sensible women in the Anglophere. Leave it. This is our era's "Go West, young man". We have to leave the civilizational shithole of the Anglosphere, there is no other way anymore.

To you American c***s and Anglosphere losers in general, the French are showing us what real women, with class and confidence, have understood for eons courtship, love and mating are a dance, a delicate and often misunderstood dance of seduction, and any civilization depends on it for its own survival. The puritanical and Victorian fainting couch f---witness of the Anglosphere was a poison pill for the civilization for the beginning, that seems to have been activated into a death blow for the Anglo world when added to fourth wave feminism, neo-Leftism and the corporate "throw 'em under the bus" attitude of US and Anglosphere "money above people" corporations.

Anglo fools at one point thought their civilization was superior to the French, Germans, Spaniards, Italians and Portuguese. But now with all the Anglo men (and halfway reasonable women) realizing they can find a sane society only in places like France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain and South America and Asia, the Anglosphere is going to see a massive, increasing exodus of millions of its people, leaving only the non-reproducing dregs behind. No sympathy from me, the Anglosphere has slit its own throat.

And there we have it, pure gold from two men who have been there, done it and got the T Shirt. Now gentlemen, off to Reddit and the Chans...

Joe Buck: A man's sorry lot in the misandrist Anglosphere